Loans with a Property as a Guarantee

Invest in home equity loans with a guaranteed 10% to 15% annual return

Profitable, safe and transparent operations. Excellent lawyers and advisors available.

The business consists of offering private loans with a property guarantee, loans at a maximum of 33% of the value of the property, which we previously analyzed in detail.

Do not lose this opportunity.

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We have a large number of safe operations, we generate a commission of between 10% and 15% of profitability between 6 and 12 months that return the loan, if this is not the case, we execute the property for a value of more than 300% of the investment  previously we analyze and we are left only with properties that are worthwhile in case of execution, that we can sell quickly.

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We as managers, we keep 1/3 of the commission for each operation, and for the investor, 2/3.

Everything is done through a notary, previously we send a detailed report operation by operation, with the coming crisis more and more will arise, we have a good portfolio of real estate opportunities of this type.

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Juan Luis Rodríguez

CEO & Co-Fundador

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Alberto Porras

CMO & Co-Fundador

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Jorgen Jessen

Scandinavian Manager

Hector Romero

International Manager